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Joe Cummings
Best Emcee & Host

Contact - (805) 253-2321
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With a strong background in improv, comedy plays/musicals, and commercials, Joe is adept at thinking on his feet and engaging audiences in a fun and comedic manner. His charisma, attention to detail, and unwavering professionalism have earned him a loyal clientele who repeatedly request his services. When you hire Joe Cummings, you can expect a seamless and memorable experience for your production or event.


Hi there! I’m Joe Cummings, the face and voice behind every successful event. Originally from Syracuse, NY, my love for the spotlight started early with theatre and musicals. After a thrilling decade in NYC’s performing arts scene, I packed my bags for sunny southern California. What inspires me? A passion for connecting with people and making every event a blast! From corporate gigs to game shows, I thrive on creating memorable experiences. My improv and comedy background means I’m always ready to think on my feet and keep the energy high. Whether it’s a grand gala or a cozy celebration, my mission is simple: to ensure everyone has an amazing time. With brands like Lexus and ESPN under my belt, I bring professionalism, fun, and a touch of wit to every stage. Let’s make your next event the one everyone talks about!


Joe's talent extends beyond live events. He has appeared in numerous commercials and national commercial campaigns including roles as a host and spokesman, and has lent his expertise to in-house industrial and training videos all over the world.  Some notable companies include: Chase Bank, NY Life, Dick's Sporting Goods, Verizon, Canon, Amazon, Apple and Old Navy to name a few.


Joe Cummings is a highly skilled MC and Host with over 15+ years of experience in both live and taped productions. With a background in improv, Joe brings a dynamic and engaging presence to any event. From large-scale corporate gatherings to intimate entertainment experiences, Joe has been sought after by renowned brands such as Hennessy, Sears, Lexus, ESPN, Tiffany, Hyundai, NFL and many more.

Joe's recent accomplishments include continually hosting successful large-scale Family Feud-style game shows, team-building events, and charity functions for corporations and non-profits all around the world. He also led a 13-week cash giveaway game show at Mohegan Sun Casino, engaging audiences of 100 to 300+ people with brand integration, contestant announcements, interviews, and immersive live performances. Joe has been a regular MC at the SPiN ping pong nightclub, bringing energy and entertainment. Additionally, Joe serves as a Product Specialist Host for Lexus, delivering captivating presentations nationwide on their latest luxury vehicles.


What makes my business unique is my dedication to creating an engaging, memorable, and fun experience for every event I host. With over 15 years of experience as an MC and Host, I've worked with major brands like Hennessy, Lexus, and ESPN, as well as intimate private gatherings and high-energy game shows.

1.Versatile Experience: I've hosted a wide range of events, from large corporate gatherings to personal celebrations, adapting to different atmospheres and ensuring every attendee feels engaged.

2.Professional Training: My skills are honed through professional instruction and extensive improv training, allowing me to think on my feet and engage audiences effectively.

3.Client-Centric Approach: I prioritize clear communication and understanding your needs, offering flexible and tailored pricing based on the event's specifics.

4.Comprehensive Services: Experienced with all types of microphones, teleprompters, and ear prompters, I can manage technical aspects seamlessly and collaborate with top-notch DJs.

5.Engaging Atmosphere: My improv and comedy background keeps the energy high and the audience entertained, whether through fun interviews, trivia, or interactive segments.

6.Reliability and Professionalism: My charisma, attention to detail, and unwavering professionalism are why clients request me repeatedly. Choosing me means opting for a passionate host committed to making your event exceptional and unforgettable. Let’s work together to create an amazing experience!

Joe Cummings Hosting Reel

Joe Cummings Hosting Reel
Joe Cummings Hosting Reel
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Joe Cummings Hosting Reel

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Joe Cummings Hosting Reel extended cut

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